Sunday Reads: Pen Links And A Ninja Dog


I think the video proves something, but I’m not sure what…


  1. That Facebook article has some good points. I’m not ready to give it up yet — there are too many friends and family members where that is my main (or only in some cases) means of contacting them — but I have been using it a LOT less than I used to.


    • Do your friends and family use it less as well? We are a family of four and only one member uses it regularly. Extended family uses FB somewhat but inconsistently. The millennials prefer Instagram and have no interest in Twitter. Wonder where they will migrate next?


      • My immediate family doesn’t use it for much of importance, but it’s the extended family that I keep in touch with through Facebook. Oh well, I don’t think it will last forever, and then we’ll move to something else (and hopefully more private and secure).

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        • Sign me up for whatever is next. I am so ready to leave the troll-infested, censored, time-sucking, insecure FB and Twitter spheres. Instagram so far has fewer of the drawbacks so I could be content with that platform for now. Do you play there?


          • I am so with you there! I am ready for what’s next. I don’t like the way Instagram is structured, personally. I used to use it, but got annoyed and stopped. Also, isn’t it owned by Facebook now?


            • Agreed that Instagram’s timeline makes no sense. I miss posts that are important to me all too frequently. Yes, it is owned by FB which explains the changes that are unwelcome. Management always has to tinker with what works. 😦


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