Sunday Reads: Nibs, Origami, And A Fuzz Butt


What does it say when it only takes a silly dog video to make my day?

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  1. Give Back Box sounds interesting! It’s a neat idea, that’s for sure.

    I want to try a music nib, but I’m thinking the best way to do that is to attend a pen show. They’re not cheap enough that I can just test them out randomly, like I can with the Metropolitans or Lamy nibs.


    • Testing a nib would be a good way to go especially since they aren’t alike. When is the pen show?


      • Well, the only one even semi-near me that I know of is in San Francisco, and I’ve missed it this year. I’m trying to remind myself of it as often as possible so that I don’t miss it next year. 🙂


        • Does a pen club meet near you? That could provide an opportunity sooner than the pen show.


          • I’ve never looked into a pen club, never even thought about it. I’ll have to look into more options… though I’ll also have to start saving my pennies. Music nibs can go for quite a lot, from what I’ve seen.


            • You might find a used music nib once you know which one you prefer. The Platinum has worked out well for me, but I like good stubs, too. Comparing the different models at a pen club meeting would be fun if nothing else.

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