Sunday Reads: An Amazing Journal, Thor’s Hammer, And A Chick Magnet


Very glad to be starting a new week…



  1. I had never looked at Jose Naranja’s work before – that is amazing and inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. LOL, I love that tool set! ThinkGeek has some awesome products.

    That Parker pen in the last bullet link is lovely. I might have to see about a (modern) Parker for my next pen purchase.


    • The tool set would make an outstanding and memorable gift. Serious bragging rights attend that one.

      My experience with Parkers has been with Vacumatic and “51” models from the ’40s and ’50s. Both were excellent and good value ten years ago. No experience with modern Parkers so no opinion on them. Platinum, Pilot and Pelikan are taking good care of my writing needs, but after reading that post, a “51” just might rejoin my rotation. Hmmm.


      • It’s hard to compare modern pens with vintage ones, in some respects. Still, always fun to play with a new pen!

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