Sunday Reads: Pens, Scones And Doxies


Google Chrome has been fighting me for months with arbitrary actions, freezes and excruciating slowness. Does any browser really work better? It just unceremoniously dumped my post and closed the tab. Retrieving it produced only a blank page. Hrumph! Here is what I can remember.



  1. If you are on a Windows computer I would recommand using Opera instead. It gives you way more privacy options as a default, runs stable and does everything it should not more and not less.


    • Haven’t used Opera in ages. Will look at it again. It seemed so stripped down when I last tried it. Maybe its lean profile would be welcome after using the resource-devouring Chrome. That baby needs to be put on a diet!


  2. Ear resets are a secondary task for whippet owners. The primary job is making sure your dog doesn’t accelerate face first into, well, everything.


    • 😀 Lived with a whippet years ago and would agree with your assessment. My blind Chow had the problem even worse, but was possessed of a much harder head and better padding. She never injured herself running into the concrete block fence. Amazing when you think about it. My Doxie was a sweety and my first pound puppy. She never ran into anything unless she was chasing a massive roach, her favorite prey. What a good dog!


  3. I like Firefox. I don’t know if it suits everyone’s needs, but I prefer it to Chrome for my personal use. (The office still likes Chrome better, so I use a mix of browsers.)


    • I was an early adopter of Firefox but moved away from it a couple of years ago. The degree of customization and number of add-ons made it very attuned to my needs. Eventually switched to Chrome for improved speed. Since you use both browsers, which one do you find faster?


      • I *think* that Chrome is a little faster, but not that much. I only notice it on days when the internet speed is slow overall, for one reason or another. When everything’s at peak speed I don’t notice a difference between the two. I do load different sites on each, though, so that may also impact my experience. I need to get FF customized properly again, though… I miss my add-ons. Hard to keep that all going when I change jobs, though. 🙂


        • Yeah, customizing a browser certainly does make using it a better experience. FF is really good for that.

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