If You’ve Ever Wanted To Try A Pilot Kaküno


The Pilot Kaküno is one of my favorite bargain fountain pens. The white barrel with a soft blue cap is just right for a number of blue inks and looks rather sassy with orange. Pink and magenta are attractive colors for it, too. It writes well and is the most lightweight pen in my collection. That is all to the good.

While perusing Amazon for other items, I discovered the blue Kaküno has earned an Amazon’s Choice ranking and is currently listed at less that $10 for either the fine or the medium nib. I ordered mine with a three-pack of CON-50 converters though the pen comes with a cartridge that can be refilled via pipette or syringe.

Hey, what’s not to like about a nib that winks at you!



  1. Excellent deal indeed. Its nib is the same you find on Prera and Cocoon/Urban/Metroplotan, and Penmanship…

    Thanks for you active blogging!



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    • Thanks, BT. Writing is easy. It’s the photos that slow things down. I have dozens of posts that are ready except for the images. One of these days…

      You are right about the nib and other Pilot pens. It’s hard to beat them at the price point and equally hard not to buy several. Dang. I think I just enabled myself with that last sentence. 😀

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  2. I recently lost my beloved Prera (left it in a restaurant in the French Quarter, New Orleans) and am looking to replace it. This looks like an option – I used the Prera as a user pen that I carried everywhere and it’s a bit expensive for that (will lose it again – only a question of when) – this looks like a real option.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Bill, another pen that has the same nib as the Prera, is the Pilot Metropolitan. It’s metal body looks a bit more up-scale than the Kakuno. It is a medium sized pen and works well in a business environment. Pilot certainly does offer options!


  3. Looks like a good pen choice! I’m trying to not buy any more inexpensive pens for a while, though, so I can justify eventually buying myself another expensive one…

    Still, if I were to get another inexpensive pen it would quite possibly be another Pilot. I love all my Pilot pens so far. All of the Metropolitans I have, and especially my Vanishing Point. LOVE THEM.


    • My inexpensive Pilots have been great. The more expensive ones, not so much. Which pen are you saving to buy?


      • I’m thinking of getting another VP, since I love mine so much. (I have a medium nib, and am thinking about a fine nib.) But there are also others which are shiny and catch my eye. I have a Waterman that was gifted to me when I graduated high school which I’m thinking about retiring, which would mean I’d want to replace it (with another Waterman) because it writes so beautifully. Or Platinum has some nice next-level pens which have good reviews. Or… well, you get the picture. 🙂


        • The road to the poor house is paved with beautiful pens.


          • Isn’t it? And you can’t forget the lovely inks that go with the pens.


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