Sunday Reads: Dogs, Notebooks, And Kangaroos


Who knew self-driving cars could be confused by kangaroos…

Wide Nibs on Midori Traveler’s Notebook Paper


  1. You know… in some ways I think we’re all confused by kangaroos. Can’t really blame Volvo for that one.

    I’ve been doing more writing long-hand lately, too. I haven’t finished a novel that way (I got derailed on the plot) but I certainly got a chunk of one written by hand.


    • Kangaroos are special. Even Volvos think so.

      A long-hand novel? Now that would be something.


      • Writing a novel long-hand felt like I gave it more thought. So I suspect that the first draft would take longer to write, but be closer to what I’d wanted to write than a computer draft. (But each method has its benefits. I’m not sure which I like better yet.)


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