Platinum Classic Ink In Citrus And Lavender


Luxury Brands sent a selection of Platinum Classic Inks and I am slowly working my way through the lot, two at a time in a pair of Platinum Plaisir fountain pens. Citrus Black and Lavender Black were the first to play with the pens in a Stifflexible journal, also from Luxury Brands. The results were very different.

Citrus Black went down yellow and so pale that it was only a guess where the writing landed. However, within a few seconds, the color darkened to a yellow green with lots of shading.

Lavender Black showed a less dramatic change though it did shift its shade of purple.

On a Staples lined pad, both inks dried incredibly fast even from a medium nib with good flow. On Rhodia paper, the ink dried a little more slowly. It’s coated versus uncoated paper though the Staples pad is very smooth. Lefties might love these inks on the right paper.

Wait. Did I just say “the right paper”? Yep, that’s the usual caveat, but it’s also a charming aspect of using fountain pens.

Platinum Classic inks are iron gall based so pen hygiene is important. In the past, iron gall inks reputedly damaged nibs and feeds though my experience with them has been without incident.

To push the limit with this new ink, I set aside the inked pens for over a month. Just now, I tried them on the back of a cheap envelope and they performed flawlessly. No hard starts, no skipping, good flow, and no pen damage. Credit Platinum’s Slip and Seal mechanism to some extent, but the lack of pen damage can only be attributed to the performance of the ink. It didn’t eat my pens. Yea!

Written words stayed in place under running water with less than a 10% loss of ink. It might be less than 5%, but it is too little to matter for most uses.

Plaisirs with Platinum Classic Lavender Black and Citrus Black are perfect together. Other pens might not be as well-suited, but these pens and inks were meant for each other.

Another take on Lavender Black from The Pen Addict.

All photos by Tessa Maurer.



  1. I have ink samples of a few of these colors (I know I have the lavender black, but I forget which of the others) and I have been itching to try them out and yet worried about damaging my pens. Good to know that you had no issues with yours! I think I might ink up a Pilot Metro with one of them to start with.


    • Let me know what you think of the ink especially in the Metro.


      • I’ve put the Lavender Black in my Pilot Metro M now, and have been using it off & on for letters for about a week. I love the way it flows in that pen – no rough starts or anything. It does seem that the ink flow starts off slow and then picks up a bit, because the first few lines I write are a little less dark (even after dry time). Still, I like that effect very much. It adds a nice ombre feel to the beginning of my letter.


        • Thanks for the update. The Platinum Plaisir is getting along very well with it though I might let one of the Metros have a whirl with it next fill. Hard to resist such a pretty color. 🙂


          • It is very pretty! I think I’ll ink up the Forest Black sample I have next. It’s pretty, too.


  2. I am in love with the Citrus Black. I paint with it, and love the changing colors. When mixed with watercolor it does strange things!


    • Sounds intriguing. Will try it soon.


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