A Wishlist In Two Minutes


Do you keep a wishlist? Mine took less than two minutes to compile. No pondering the question. Just a brief, whatever comes to mind list. And darned if it isn’t just right.

Try it the next time you have two minutes to spare. The results might surprise you.


  1. Robert Oster inks are on my wishlist, too.


    • 🙂


  2. Tomoe River paper is always on my wishlist! hahaha! But, seriously, it’s nice to see that we have similar lists indeed, and, thankfully, I’ve crossed a couple of those off, but there are some that I’m wishing for too (ahem….Pelikan M600 black-green). =)


    • Yes, the Pel. It’s probably on a lot of wishlists. Which nib would you choose? I received a Sennelier Aqua-mini set less than five minutes ago and it will have to do for new watercolor paint for the foreseeable future. Those pricey brushes will have to wait. What else is on your list?


  3. I am growing to love the Robert Oster inks. Very rich and smooth. I’m curious about what you look for in a slant board. I have a “lapboard” that I use with my alphasmart, but sometimes think about having something smoother to sketch on.


    • Wendy, I haven’t used a slant board, but think this one from SAA looks promising for watercolor painting.

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      • It doesn’t look too bad. I do more pencil and ink sketching and I think a flat board might be better for that. Thanks for the recommendation though!


  4. […] sorting through some old posts, I ran across a wishlist from two years ago. Of the ten items on the list, only two were purchased: a small packet of Tomoe River paper and a […]


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