Sunday Reads: Charity Auction, A Pilot Kakuno, Game of Thrones Pens


Did you know Captain Kirk used to show horses? I saw him once and he was very good. He is a man of many talents and earns high marks for putting together a silent charity auction of entertainment memorabilia. Perhaps an item or two will interest you…

The Pilot Kakuno has a delightful expression, perfect to brighten any day.



  1. I’ll admit, one of the things I need to work on for weight loss is getting enough sleep. Sigh. I like staying up late, but I need to accept that I can’t do it with my current job.

    I’m not sure about the Write Time pen, myself. It looks unbalanced with all the weight at the back. I’d be curious to try it and see if it writes better than it looks like it would.


    • Sleep? What’s that?


      • LOL… yeah, something I don’t get nearly enough of either. 😉


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