Mattias Adolfsson And His Fountain Pens


Mattias Adolfsson is a Swedish illustrator who uses fountain pens for detailed drawings. I became enchanted with his work via Fountain Pen Network ten years ago when he posted a drawing done with a Namiki Falcon and Diamine Monaco Red. The duo is lovely for drawing and elegant for shading as well as simplicity.

Sometimes I let the nib release a little extra ink and move it around with a swab, toothpick or small brush. Otherwise, the expressive line from the nib is gorgeous on its own. Any ink will do, though J. Herbin Lie de The is an especially good alternative. My Stillman & Birn Sketchbook loves the attention and with Mattias for inspiration, it’s a win-win activity.


Tools mentioned are available at Amazon: Pilot Namiki Falcon SF, Stillman & Birn Sketchbook, Diamine Monaco Red, and J. Herbin Lie de The.


  1. Love love love his art ❤


    • Isn’t he amazing!

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      • It’s awesome to hear that he is also a pen buying addict, lol


        • Indeed, Mishka. He showed me how wonderful fountain pens can be for drawing or in my case doodling. Before that, I’d used them only for writing. Consequently, he opened the door to creative journaling for me and I’ve been a fan ever since.

          Has anyone inspired you that way?

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          • Mostly my Instagram friends who make amazing art (Hobo, TN)… Danny Gregory is awesome too 🙂

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  2. How wonderful to be able to draw so well. It takes a lot of skill and confidence to draw directly with ink! I have only recently discovered the joys of a very fine nib, when buying a Cleo Skribent classic, piston filler with a Fine stainless steel nib. It is closer to an extra fine (and even more so if you try “reverse writing” using the other side of the nib).

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  3. That’s really cool! I haven’t yet managed to do more with my fountain pens than write, though.


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