A Superior Ink And Pen Duo From Platinum


This might sound like a crazy risk, but I filled a Platinum Plaisir with Platinum Carbon Ink months ago and left it idle on my desk. When the pen got a taste of freedom and took a stroll around some junk paper, it wrote well from the first mark. No skipping. No hesitation. Just a clean, black line, no different from when it was initially inked. That Slip & Seal cap really works!


  1. I’ve put Platinum Carbon Black into a Platinum Cool for the same reason. It makes a great sketching combination: the nib has some spring to it, producing line variation, and the ink plays well with watercolor.


    • Thanks for the tip, Debra. Line variation is always useful for expressive line work. Do you have to press hard to make it happen?


  2. Very nice! I’ve added a Plaisir to my wishlist at Goulet for my next order… 🙂


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