Inked For A Year


Anderson Pens padded my purchase of ink samples and I am not sure whether to be thrilled or overwhelmed. There are twenty-seven of the little suckers, more than enough for a year’s worth of reviews. What’s an inkophile to do?

Even my workhorse fountain pens are freaking out at the task ahead. Just think how many baths they will have to take! They have suggested a dip pen might speed the testing process. Does that make them shirkers? You bet, but that doesn’t make them wrong. It may well be the best solution to completing the task in a reasonable amount of time. Any other ideas?



  1. I did a hundred (http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/250366-all-diamine-inks-compared/) over a long weekend using a Lamy Safari so just crack on with it 😉 Looking forward to seeing all your results!

    Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘


    • That’s an amazing feat. Did you use the Lamy as a dip pen or load a converter with each ink?


      • Dip, then scribble long lines on a scrap paper to get normal flow, write your samples (I did eight, two of which are on FPN), then wash in running water and dry. Repeat 99 more times 😀


        • I laughed out loud when I read the “99 more times”. Then my hand rebelled at the mere suggestion of going through that exercise so many times. That takes real dedication.


    • I remember that thread. Impressive!


  2. You are LOVED!!!


    • Aw. Thanks, Beth. 🙂

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  3. That’s a lot of samples! I think a dip pen is a great idea if you have one. If not… well, no one said they all have to be done TODAY, now did they?


    • I do use a dip pen for my swatch cards. It has a feed so the line is comparable to that of a fountain pen. Under the circumstances, it might be the best option. I hope no one objects.


      • I don’t think anyone will mind. It sounds like that’s a good compromise!


  4. Use a Lamy vista or some thing else where you can see the feed. Draw just enough ink to fill the feed but not into the converter. You get the best of both worlds–true results but a quick flush with a bulb syringe to clean it out.

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    • That’s a good idea and I do have several Safaris and AL-Stars on hand.


  5. That’s a lot of samples and an array of colours too! I think trying a dip pen might help. I recently got a glass dip pen and love writing with it much more than a traditional dip pen.

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    • Glass dip pens are far and away the easiest to clean. I have one in a drawer and will give it a brief workout later today to see if I can control it well enough to make swatches. When I used it in the past, the flow was quite dramatic. 🙂


  6. I look forward to seeing your reviews! I can’t claim that mine are “reviews” but I am featuring a different ink every day this year on my Instagram account. So far we’re at 77 and holding strong!


    • That’s a lot of ink. What is your name on Instagram?


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