About A Muji Notebook


Last weekend, John reminded me how good Muji notebooks can be so I ordered a pack to test the current version. Two days later we got acquainted and immediately became fast friends.

The notebooks are made in Indonesia though Muji’s paper can come from Japan or China. The slim, 30-sheet version is in the minimalist vein with no frills, not even labels. Each notebook in the five pack has a different colored binding. It’s a nice touch that makes it easy to differentiate notebooks.

They have a thin cardboard cover that can easily be written on or decorated. The notebooks aren’t sturdy like a hardback, but they do lay totally flat.

With fountain pen ink, there is no feathering, bleed-through and only the faintest show-through. Writing on the reverse completely obscured the almost non-existent show-through. The 6 mm line spacing should work for most writers and the smooth paper suited all nibs tested. Not one pen complained. In fact the paper was so good that it improved the performance of a scratchy nib.

Thirty sheets does make the Muji quite slim. They tucked in nicely at the back of my Staples Arc notebooks which adds to the usefulness of both.

A package of five B5 Muji notebooks is less than $9 with the A5 pack of five available for less than $8 though Amazon prices can shift several times a day. The cost could change in the time it took me to hit the “Publish” button. If you like the price, grab it while you can.


  1. In the Muji here in Manila, we prefer to get the dot grid or lined notebooks that say 5% recycled, Made in Japan. These show sheeny inks so very nicely!


    • Hi Mona! That’s good to know. The notebooks I bought have information in Japanese on them, so I can’t read whether they have any recycled content. The number “5” is on the package label in a couple of places. Maybe that says it. None of the products on Amazon mention recycled content. Perhaps someone else carries it. Thanks for the tip. 🙂


  2. Ooh, those look nice! Thanks for the tip. I’m gonna head over to Amazon now. I can always use another fountain pen-friendly notepad.


  3. Yes, I love the Muji notebooks! I use the A5 size to fit in my A5-sized travelers notebook. The paper quality is excellent for fountain pens. Wish I could get them with 7 mm line spacing; I’ve gotten spoiled with that size and just like it better. I know; if I really want to, I can use a blank notebook and put a line guide behind the page. I just like the simplicity of having my 7 mm lines printed on the page I’m writing on. Lazy, lazy, lazy! But I love the paper quality of Muji. I will still use them.


    • It really is nice paper. Putting it in a cover is a great idea. Yeah, line spacing is a tricky thing. A guide works, but it isn’t the same as printed lines. *sigh*


  4. Thanks for the review! Currently researching paper for me to do calligraphy on and was wondering if muji paper was any good :). Really appreciate your insight!

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