New Faves For 2016


This past year I made some new friends. Links are to sources for the products.

Art Supplies

  • Silver Brush Black Velvet watercolor brushes – Acquired several this year. Supple, retain shape very well and hold lots of fluid.
  • Daniel Smith Prussian Blue and Transparent Red Oxide watercolors – Good additions to my transparent palette.
  • Aureolin by Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith – Excellent yellow combined with Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose and Cobalt Blue for mixing a full range of colors. This has become my “Less Is More” triad and a staple for my mini kit. (h/t Pat Weaver)
  • Pentel Touch Brush Tip Felt Pen – Good at line variation whether for writing or drawing.
  • Uniball Air marker – More durable than a felt marker and glides effortlessly across the page. Makes my hand happy.
  • Buddha board – Great tool for practicing strokes without wasting ink, paint or paper.


  1. I love Diamine Marine as well! And that Red Orange ink is very nice looking. I might have to try it out. 🙂


    • Just looking at my swatches of Robert Oster inks proves Red Orange to be the standout of the samples on hand though others are lovely, too.


      • Nice! I don’t think I’ve tried any Robert Oster inks yet. I’ve mostly used Noodlers and Diamine.


        • Nicole, there are so many colors and brands that are worth a look. Samples make it so easy and economical, too. Your journey has just begun. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. […] lists the new Plan & Note planner as one of her New Faves for 2016. (You can see her review of the 2017 Plan & Note planner […]


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