Fountain Pens That Would Make Good Gifts


This week my list of Favorite Fountain Pens received its annual update. A number of the pens have been inked since they arrived. That is a very good measure of user satisfaction when they go into rotation and remain there for months if not years. Kudos to those manufacturers who have earned my loyalty.

Once the list was set, it struck me that any of them would make a good gift. To make it simple, here is the list with links to Amazon for models that are currently available. Prices fluctuate so do shop around. If you purchase from Amazon, Inkophile earns a tiny commission that will be used towards the purchase of new products to review.

Happy shopping!




  1. Fun list! I have a couple of MRs, but will have to look into the others. And while I have a TWSBI Eco, I’ve heard good things about the 580 as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Have you tried the Lamy pens? I’m curious to hear your opinion of the grip, if so. It seems the triangular grip is either something you love or hate.


    • Yes, the MR is a good one. I like the 580 much better than the Eco for its solid build and better flow.

      There are lots of Lamy pens in my collection and I have a post in the works about the Studio. The Safari, Vista and the AL-Star have the same grip. I used to like them well enough after adjusting my hold to accommodate the unique shape. Some of the nibs are good and I particularly like the EF though I have tried them all. Some flow well. Some do not. They are sturdy and can handle abuse better than many pens. The Studio was bought to house a custom nib that is especially nice. Unfortunately, the pen arrived with build issues. QC must have been asleep the day it was made. When it comes to nib variety at the price point, few pens can compete with a Lamy. Plus they offer nibs very reasonably so you can increase your options quite easily. With all the pluses, I do better with a wider grip and have sidelined my Lamys for the past few years. Though they do not have the nib options, the MR and the Plaisir are more comfortable for me these days.

      Does that help or is it too much information?


      • That helps, thank you! I do like the ease of buying new nibs for the Lamy. And the capacity of the cartridge is a nice change from the Metros. But I don’t love the grip enough to buy a second Lamy pen – my Safari is pretty (the Dark Lilac) and I love it for that, but it’s the least used pen in my collection. I think that instead of buying new Lamy pens I’ll buy more Lamy nibs and save up for a TWSBI 580 since I love the Eco so much.


        • Sounds like a plan. 🙂


  2. I bought this very pen -Platinum Plaisir medium in Nova Orange, and love the way it looks. The nib isn’t the smoothest, but it writes pretty well.


    • Isn’t the orange a happy color? I’ve tried a few inks and the more lubricating ones are the best for the Plaisir. What have you used in yours?


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