Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo And Prussian Blue


It wasn’t the plan, but while playing with Daniel Smith Prussian Blue watercolor, I discovered that on natural white paper, it’s nearly a perfect match for Iroshizuku tsuki-yo ink. The paper warms the colors slightly as is my preference.

The doodles initiated a practice session for two seldom used brushes. Then swatches and slender lines followed. Finally, squiggles and tiny trees emerged. Once the page was filled, the hunt for a matching ink was on. There might be better matches, but of the inks on hand, tsuki-yo came the closest. As always, playing with paint and ink was good, clean fun.

Available at Amazon:

Daniel Smith Prussian Blue Watercolor

Iroshizuku tsuki-yo

Princeton Neptune 4750 1/4″ square wash brush

Escoda Versatil #2 Rigger brush

Langton Prestige 140# watercolor paper


  1. Tsuki-yo is my favorite Iroshizuku ink! 🙂


    • Isn’t it a rich color, Mona? It’s especially attractive in a demo where the color is on full display. Which pen do you favor it in?


  2. Very nice!


  3. Wow, that’s really pretty! I love that color.


    • Tsuki-yo looks darker from a nib, but it’s still the same color. If I forget to agitate the bottle, it can look more green than blue. I like its variability. The Daniel Smith watercolor diluted on a warm paper really shows its green side. On a bright white paper, it looks quite blue and a lot of fun for a monochromatic study.


      • See, and this is one of the really fun parts about fountain pens too! I love how the inks look different based on so many different factors. I had gotten used to standard ballpoint or gel pens where there’s little to no variation in ink color.


        • They are kind of flat in comparison. Some inks are as well, but they have other charms. 🙂


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