That Platinum Music Nib Gets Noodled


Sometimes I wonder why we use any pen and ink save the ones that make us the most happy. This duo is not only a joy to use, but the Platinum #3776 music nib has special memories as a gift from Dick Egolf of Luxury Brands. Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan was a lucky acquisition years earlier when I was looking for a saturated and shading brown ink. Kiowa Pecan ended my search. Years later, the duo remains a favorite at the Inkophile digs…


  1. Kiowa Pecan is one of the few Noodler’s inks that I can’t do without: it makes my writing look like a field of wheat under a summer sun. It’s like the brown version of Apache Sunset.


    • What a great description of Kiowa Pecan!

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  2. Isn’t that the best nib? I have the Bourgougne and it’s my favorite pen right now….looks great inked w/Diamine Bilberry or PR Tanzanite. Kiowa Pecan is gorgeous though


    • The Bourgougne is a beautiful color and a real standout compared to all the black pens on the market. The nib is indeed special. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. Well, almost anything. 😉


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