A Winning Moleskine, Ink And Pen Combo


A chance meeting of a Moleskine notebook, a Pilot MR Metropolitan medium nib, and Sailor Tokiwa-matsu ink revealed a very acceptable partnership. Almost no feathering and so little bleed-through as to make the backs of pages useful makes this a winning combination. I am not a huge Moleskine fan, but in this case, paint me happily surprised.

Note that the left hand page was not written with Tokiwa-matsu. It produced far less ghosting and bleed-through than pictured.

Moleskine, Pilot Metropolitan and Sailor Tokiwa-matsu at Amazon.


  1. Such a beautiful ink, I love to scribble just to watch it drag across the paper! I seem to have better luck with Moleskine than most, though my pens are set up dryer than average. The new Moleskine dot notebooks seem to have much better paper.


    • It is a beautiful ink, but it had to find the right pens to make it a consistent participant in my rotation. In fact it has replaced Montblanc Racing Green which really says something. It is only similar in that both are dark green inks that shade rather well. At this point the Metro and a Conklin Duragraph stub are its best friends. Which pens do you like best with Tokiwa-matsu?

      I haven’t tried a Moleskine dot notebook. One of these days…


      • I like Tokiwa-matsu in broad edged nibs. A favourite is a Montblanc Nr.24 with broad, slightly italic nib, or my trusty Pilot 78G B.


        • Ah, yes. Broad nibs. Yesterday, I went through some test writing from the first few months Tokiwa-matsu was here and one of its best mates was a Conklin Duragraph stub. You’ve reminded me of the broken MB that needs repairing. Tokiwa-matsu would be perfect in it. 🙂


  2. Which model MB, what’s wrong with it?


    • It’s a Montblanc 220 with an oblique broad nib (1960’s). It lost a small piece years ago, but it is packed away and I cannot recall exactly what is missing. The nib is intact and very much missed in my rotation.


      • I thought maybe I might have some spare parts for you, but alas I’ve never owned one of the later three-digit Montblancs. Sounds like you lost the thin ring that sits between the section and barrel, that the cap clicks onto.


        • Thanks for checking. The pen will turn up someday. If memory serves, the ring you mentioned is still there, but a small piece of the barrel near the ring is missing. The nib is lovely and does not deserve retirement. One of these days…


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