Brief Update On The Pilot Metropolitan


Sometimes a pen works so well with an ink that nothing else seems right for it. Who can argue with success? But it can pay to be open to change.

Last night the Pilot MR Metropolitan Medium was ready for another refill and begged for a different color. Pilot Blue Black has performed so well that at first I rejected the request. But after a bath, the pen was ripe for a new ink. We settled on green to expand the colors in my rotation. Sailor Tokiwa-matsu has had little use and is subdued enough to suit my go-everywhere pen. So after a fill, we went for a spin.

Not expecting the smooth flow and ideal performance of Pilot BBk, I was delighted to find Tokiwa-matsu quite nearly its equal. But wait. Does that mean the Metro performed equally well with both inks? Indeed.

Now it’s time to acquire a second one to see if my Metro medium nib is uncommon or typical. Buying another pen is easy. The hard part is settling on the color. Choices, choices, choices, but that is a very good thing.


  1. There are so many great colors. I like the color of my pen, but I had a bit of buyer’s remorse when I got home I wished I had chosen a different color. Until just now it did not occur to me, it is okay to have two of the same pen. It doesn’t break any fountain pen rules and with the economical price of the Metropolitan, it doesn’t break the piggy bank.


    • My dear, no one can have too many pens especially at under $15 each. 😉 Which color did you buy and what color will your second Metro be?


  2. The colors of the pen and ink go together very nicely! Well chosen 🙂


  3. I have three Metros – one black, one gold, and one turquoise. The gold is a medium nib, and the other two are fine nibs. I love them all!


    • Easy to see why you have more than one. How different is the fine from the medium nib?


      • It is a distinct difference. I think I like the fine better, though you get more shading with the medium (as would be expected). The medium flows better, but I still haven’t had much trouble with the fine skipping or anything. The fine is less smooth, but still a joy to write with.


        • That helps. Thanks for sharing your experience with them. I’ll stick with the medium since flow and smooth writing are paramount for my purposes. 🙂


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  5. I have used a variety of inks in a Pilot Metropolitan and pretty much all of them have been fantastic, with a few exceptions with the fine point nib (such as Noodler’s Apache Sunset).


    • Cary, what was the problem with Apache Sunset?


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