Hey, That Isn’t A Fountain Pen!


Not every writing tool on my desk uses fountain pen ink, but all write well in Staples Arc notebooks, my paper mates for the next couple of months. Moving pages from one notebook to another is working out very well for my work flow. Staples paper liked every tool tested and the junior size is just right for my small work space.

My main writing instrument remains a fountain pen, but lightweight felt tips and rollerballs have their charms. Do you ever stray from fountain pens? If so, with what?

Links to buy the tools:


  1. Do I stray from fountain pens? Yes, indeed. I like the Pilot Black gel pens in just about all colors (the reddish black is my favorite). I also like the Maica super fine points and I like mechanical pencils, too. I’m a fan of the Staples Arc paper, too.


    • There is a mechanical pencil on my desk at all times. So easy to use. A red-black gel pen sounds intriguing. I’ll have to look for that one. Thanks for the tip.


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