#1 Fountain Pen On Amazon


Clicking around Amazon can be dangerous. They make it far too easy to find things I never new I wanted much less needed. Today while price shopping ink, Amazon offered to share with me the name of their #1 fountain pen.

Can you guess which one it is?


  • It is a black pen. That’s as expected.
  • It has a fine nib. That’s the size most Western pen users start with even if they find other sizes to be more interesting as they get accustomed to using fountain pens.
  • The maker is Asian which was a surprise. But maybe not.
  • Fit and finish are excellent for an entry-level pen.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.

That’s a lot of hints. What is your guess? Scroll down for the answer.









The winner is the Pilot Metropolitan! Who knew it was that popular? Admittedly, mine is getting a ton of use and I would like a second one for ink testing. But #1? Kudos to Pilot for making such a terrific little pen.



  1. I can’t say I’m surprised – I own three of them! I love the way they write. Plus, they make great travel pens for when I worry about my more expensive pens getting lost.

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  2. I am always slightly surprised, as the Pilot Prera has the same phantastic nib but — at least to my eye — a more classic and beautiful body. The retail price and the availability in the US sets the Prera back, I guess. Amazon.de shows me beautiful opaque fun coloured Preras for 25-35€, which is only a few $ more than the Metropolitan.


    • Three Preras and one Metro here. The Prera fine nibs are sharp and dry. The Metro medium nib is smooth and has good flow. The Prera is plastic while the Metro is metal. The Prera costs roughly two to five times as much as a Metro in the U.S. From personal use, the Metro is more solidly built though both models are comfortable in the hand. I have become especially fond of transparent pens and the Prera wins on that point. One other difference is the converters. The CON-50 in the Prera can hold more ink than the CON-20 in the Metro.

      The designs are total opposites and your point about the Prera being more classic is well taken. The Metro is sleek and contemporary. Maybe that is why I took so long to add a one to my collection. But it was money well spent since I am thoroughly enjoying the Metro while the Preras have been in my pen drawer for over a year.

      Pilot certainly has done a brilliant job of making reasonably priced fountain pens from the Kakuno to the Metropolitan to the Prera. Three models to get people started in fountain pens is a very good thing.


    • I love my Metros. I won’t admit how many I have. I find the flow, shape, heft, and posted balance to be an all-around pleasure.

      I bought one Prera and found it deeply unsatisfying. Its nib is a “Super High Quality” nib if you read it – the Metro nibs don’t say that. Interestingly, the Plumix italics nib is also “Super High Quality”. And the nibs from all three pens are interchangeable.


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