Signature Ink And A Color Wheel


Color is the first hook for any ink. From jewel tones to muted whispers, color gets us where it matters. We buy what appeals to us and then share it with friends and associates via the written word. But what does that color communicate?

The August 2016 issue of Pen World magazine has an article I wrote called Signature Ink. Nicky Pessaroff, the new editor, was kind enough to send the PDF for Inkophile readers, but here is one of the graphics to get you started.

Start at the top and work counter-clockwise to match inks with their names. Which color best represents you?

If you aren’t a Pen World subscriber, there is nothing quite like having a beautifully photographed, well-written magazine in your hands. The colors are true unlike what passes for accuracy on an electronic display. You should see the Staedtler ad on the back cover of the August issue. It is absolutely stunning. And that’s just an ad! You’ll have to subscribe to find out what’s on the inside.



  1. […] Adapted from a great article in the August 2016 issue of Pen World magazine, by “Inkophile” Margana Maurer, this colour wheel will get you thinking about your particular signature ink. A link to download the full article in PDF can be found in the post: Signature Ink And A Color Wheel […]


  2. […] Signature Ink And A Color Wheel Signature Ink And A Color Wheel via Instapaper http://ift.tt/2bxGIzg […]


  3. . . . apparently I’m discord and conflict.


    • Those are some of my favorite colors, too. 🙂


  4. What a great idea for an article! I like this concept very much. I always gravitate towards the blue-greens and turquoise inks. Two thumbs up for the inks you’ve used to represent those color groups here. =)


    • Thanks, Karen. The blue-greens and turquoise inks are my preference, but on any given day, something else might catch my fancy.

      Coming up with the inks and making the swatches was a real labor of love. I held hundreds of ink samples against a color wheel to find those that most closely matched each category. Then it took days to narrow the selection and view the remaining candidates in a variety of lighting conditions. Even after settling on a selection, I checked many additional times to see if the choice was the best. It was surprising to what degree some colors shifted in artificial light. Those that held true made the final cut. Pen World put them into a circle making a true color wheel.


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