Pen Deal: Kaweco AL-Sport


Kaweco fountain pens are loved by newbies and old hands alike. They are well-constructed, have interchangeable nibs and many of the plastic models can be had for under $25. It’s a workhorse pen and highly recommended in the community. I reviewed a Kaweco years ago if you want my take on the Sport model.

Today I discovered a Massdrop deal on the AL Sport that is 25% less than the price at most retailers. The deal includes a range of nib sizes and colors. For a few extra dollars, a clip and converter can be added.

If you have wanted an AL-Sport, this could be the deal for you.


  1. I just picked up a Skyline Sport and it should be here today! Really looking forward to trying it out!


    • Which color and nib?


      • The Mint green with the fine nib. And I picked up a copper clip to go with it because I love the way that mint green looks with copper!!


        • I could go for that, too. 🙂

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          • It is going to be inked up with Diamine Marine…..I will post to IG later when I have it all set up!! ☺️


            • What a great combination!

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  2. It is gorgeous! Pictures to come later.
    My first time filling a piston converter. I made a mess of my fingers but at least it’s pretty!!


    • 😀


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