Glare Pens And Inks From India


Glare Fountain Pens came out with a reasonably priced line of fountain pens early this year. It’s always good to see more pens available and this one can be purchased easily via eBay. Ink is a new product that is getting good if limited buzz at Fountain Pen Network. It is currently offered on eBay at $8.75 including shipping for a 60 ml plastic bottle.

I haven’t used either the pens or the ink so I can’t attest to quality. However, these video reviews have enough info to make me intrigued. How about you?


  1. I bought three Glare Tulips. Piston fillers(2 clears and a blue transparent) that came with fine nibs, not a real stiff nib, but not a flex, either. Perhaps brass. Small size pen, Reminds me of a smallest Pelikan demonstrator I had years ago. Dependable, they write well, hold a lot of ink, but a little small for my large hand. I like the golden furniture.
    Be interested to learn more about their inks.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience with the pens. The ink seems to have good flow and lubrication. Does that sound well-suited to the pens?


      • They are juicy. Tried several Inks, never had a problem.


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