Staples Sugarcane Paper Ain’t What It Used To Be


Why do companies have to tinker with success? My latest purchase of a Staples Sugarcane Notebook turned out to be very disappointing. The paper still comes from Egypt, but the weight and texture have changed. Now it’s just an ordinary notebook.

The newer notebook is shown in front of one purchased several years ago. The new cover’s texture is coarse and feels like a paper bag while the cover art is less aesthetic than in the past. The dark brown design looks cluttered and forced. Nothing subtle about it.

The paper is not up to the quality of the earlier editions. It does not play well with fountain pen ink producing jagged outlines and heavy bleed-through. Forget writing on the back of a page. That cuts the notebook’s usefulness by half. Even the paper texture is less smooth. Heck, I have inexpensive comp books that have better paper.

Consequently, Staples Sugarcane Notebooks have slid from highly recommended to not recommended for fountain pens. This might seem harsh, but unfortunately it is true.


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  2. Aw, that’s a shame.


  3. Check out Staples asap. In my local one, they had a Markings notebook by C. R. Gibson…480 pages with 3 sections, 1 ruled, 1 grid and 1 blank. For $5. And a band to hold it closed. About 5.5 X 8. I bought 2 and my daughter took one, so I have to go back.


    • Judy, how well does the Markings notebook work with fountain pen ink?


  4. This is too bad. I really am disappointed to hear it. I am still working with a stash that I accumulated a couple years ago. When it’s gone, I will have to decide on what my alternative will be.


    • Karen, perhaps by the time your stash is depleted, the paper will have improved. One can hope…


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