Sunday Pen Links Plus A Silly Puppy


It was a pen and ink week…



  1. Thanks for the links, Margana! My husband and I were laughing out loud at the puppy eating a lime video. Hilarious!


    • Laughing is great stuff. Always happy to share it. 🙂


  2. Loved the puppy video. I get JetPens newsletter so it was great to see the teal ink reviews. I love the Pilot Syo-ro and would love to try it if I could bear to spen the money. I love teal and turquoise inks. And I thought the new Noodlers Berning ink is rather inventive. And looks like a marvelous color. A nice chuckle this evening. My family busted up lauging at the dog as well.


    • Glad you enjoyed the links. I’m a sucker for teal and turquoise, too. Those colors plus orange always cheer me. There is a bottle of BERNing Red headed my way soon. A fast drying red is definitely a good thing. If it works well on junk paper, it will be a good ink for teachers.

      Isn’t that puppy video special? I am still laughing at it even though I discovered it days ago. 😀


      • Yep, I’m becoming an orange fan too! I’d love to see a review on the BERNing red ink when you get it. I think red inks are so cool, but I haven’t found one I like yet. Not that I’ve actually tried anything other than Pelikan’s brilliant red, which is more of a clear orange red. Oh puppy videos. Always good for a laugh.


        • There are so many variations on red, that picking just one would be impossible and I’m not even a red person!


          • I’m not much of a red person myself, but there is something so bold about a red ink. I have Private Reserve’s Burgundy Mist and it’s nice, but it’s more purple-y wine. And I’ve looked at Diamine’s Oxblood and Strawberry Fields, yet to try any of them. I just can’t figure what I would like! And I want to be sure before I plop down $$ on several bottles of ink.


            • Samples would give you the opportunity to try a variety without investing in full bottles. Several retailers offer them. I don’t have a comprehensive list of them, but you could check retailers in my sidebar for one that carries the brands and colors in which you would have the most interest.


              • I really need to consider that. It would make it a lot easier, and I will check some of the retailers on your site. The only one I really pay attention to is Goulet pens and one other that I’m forgetting. Goldsmith or something.


                • There are other retailers who sell samples. I look for ones who carry the lines I prefer. No one carries every brand of ink though some come close. Vanness sells samples of a number of inks as does ISellPens.com. Heh. Bet you can’t buy just one. 😉


                  • Oh, I never go into any thing thinking I’ll get just one sample. Recently JetPens did a nice look at all the red inks they sell, which was helpful to see the whole comparison. No, no ink company sells all of them. Too bad. One superstore of inks. Oh to go to such a store and doodle with the inks… On the all the papers I want to try. I used to think just libraries and bookstores were fun… Lol. Thank you for those links, I will definitely look at them.


                    • Sounds like you would enjoy a pen show. It’s the best place to see the greatest variety of inks and pens. Your budget will suffer, but it will be worth it.


                    • That’s why while I would love to go to a pen show, I hold myself in check… for now. One day I will and probably walk out with too much. But one can dream.


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