Moleskine, Cursive, And Chinese Takeout Links


With politics dominating the news this past week, it was a challenge to find some tasty tidbits, but there were a few…



  1. Re the second article of the five you listed:

    The Washington state senator it covers, who is crusading to require cursive (Pam Roach), publicly admits that her own handwriting’s illegible.
    She also publicly states that it is not entirely cursive either.

    She broadcast this on January 25, on Washington’s KVI radio (second hour of the “Kirby” talk-radio show) 19 minutes, 20-through-45 seconds, into that second hour (in the middle of a segment on her bill, which was — despite her comment halfway through — adoringly praise full from beginning to end.

    The segment runs from 13 minutes 49 seconds through 21 minutes 4 seconds of that recorded hour, which you can hear on the Internet: http://kvi.com/podcast/kirbycast-january-25th-hour-2

    Why should an illegible writer hold forth on the subject of handwriting instruction — particularly when her aim is to mandate (for millions of her fellow citizens) a way of writing that she does not follow herself?

    Kate Gladstone
    DIRECTOR, the World Handwriting Contest
    CEO, Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works


  2. You sound like you might be the lady in LA that called the radio station to try to get them to move the animal crosswalks somewhere the light was better, just so traffic could see them better.
    I would think she would be the obvious choice to champion a good handwriting, since she cannot do it and apparently knows the advantages of legible handwriting. She must not be a lawyer, as they can all write.


    • I am not in Los Angeles, but if I drove a car I’d break for animals wherever they crossed.

      I see your point about illegible handwriters perhaps best knowing the worth of legible handwriting — since I wrote illegibly till I was 24 years old and partway through graduate school. However, I doubt that this fully explains Senator Roach’s own attitude, since she also claims that one of the biggest reasons she wants cursive mandated is that she believes that its absence is to blame for anyone’s inability to read not just legible cursive handwriting but her own handwriting. “They can’t read my handwriting because they weren’t taught legible cursive, which my handwriting isn’t” is as close as one need get to thinking that animals decide to cross streets at “ANIMAL CROSSING” signs,

      Senator Roach is an … Interesting person, anyway: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pam_Roach — she is on a state senate judiciary committee in her state (I don’t see any evidence that she is an attorney, as you speculated, but then again I don’t know whether being an attorney is an absolute and never-bent requirement for being on a judiciary committee), and (though she is her state senate’s President _pro_tempore_), she has more than once gotten into trouble with the state legislature for throwing temper tantrums while she’s there. This would be of somewhat less moment, with regard to the current discussion, if she had not also claimed (during her radio interview and elsewhere)! That all people of her generation and earlier had mastered excellent self-discipline and emotional control be Bing taught cursive, which she states she was indeed taught. (She was, as it happens, also a schoolteacher for a while. I wonder if she wrote legibly, or illegibly, in the performance of her teaching duties.)


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