Waterman’s 54 Pink Nib Needs An Ink Mate


The Waterman’s Ideal Pink Nib is reputed to be one of the better vintage flexible nibs. Though the Waterman’s 54 is a lever-filler which makes cleaning a real chore, it should still get some exercise on occasion. The only ink it has seen on my watch is Waterman Blue Black, but now it’s time to try something different. Waterman South Sea Blue could be lovely for some flex work since it won’t stain and rinses fairly easily. Any suggestions for another ink that would be respectful of a pen that is almost a hundred years old?


  1. Herbin Lie de The or Bleu Myosotis are the sort of thing I lean towards when I want the writing to look as old as the pen; they’re both pretty easy to clean out of a pen, too.


    • Dirck, Lie de The and Poussiere de Lune are on my short list along with South Sea Blue. Lie de The does shade nicely and that may be the deciding factor. I don’t have much experience with Bleu Myosotis. Does it shade well?


      • Only in a VERY wet pen; Myosotis’s charm lies in the way that it undergoes decades of fading in a couple of hours (after which it… seems to… stabilize). If nostalgia were a colour, it would be this ink.


        • What a clever way to describe Myosotis! I will have to put that one to the test. Do any papers bring out that effect?


          • I have run into a couple of papers that overdo it– the writing went to a pale PINK in about three minutes– but beyond “generic copy paper” I don’t know what to look for/avoid. The usual effect will happen in Rhodia webbies and most lesser papers, with the quality of the paper retarding the speed of fading but not preventing it.


            • That’s interesting and sounds like fertile ground for a post. Would you suggest a free-flowing or a dry nib or does it matter?


              • I’d aim for the middle; at the extremes of the wet/dry spectrum, there might not be enough difference between the fresh and matured lines to give a solid impression of the effect. I’ve gotten about the most fun with it out of a Pelikan M30 with a BB point; it’s on the wet side, but not stark raving wet the way some Pelikans can be.


                • Thanks for the tips, Dirck. I’ll give it a go when I unpack my stored ink. I think it will work well with my Platinum #3776 music nib. 🙂


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