Customer Service And The Booboo


Have you bought a stinker? Not a product that was vaguely disappointing, but one that was defective or at best poorly executed? Too often we just chuck the offender in a drawer rather than return it to the seller or manufacturer. That acquiescence begs for more abuse rather than contributing to the creation of better products.

When an item isn’t worth the effort and cost of return, it is still valuable to let the retailer or manufacturer know that you were dissatisfied and why. Some company representatives are sincerely interested in how they can make use of customer feedback. That might be just the thing to make me try their products again.

Others explain how great they are and that they couldn’t have done anything wrong.

Oh, yeah?

Just lost a customer since my experience was not as perfect as the rep insists it was. Few products are available from only one source, so the competition just earned my future business. Plus if the item gets reviewed, guess which retailer won’t get mentioned?

Which brings me to a related point. Whether your experience has been positive or negative with a product mentioned or reviewed, your comments will, with rare exception, get published here. Wanton bashing might get deleted, but otherwise, go for it. Your opinion is valuable and welcome.




  1. From an email sent by Vorpal and posted with permission:

    I am not a member of any of the comment posting logins, so I figured I could just send this along and you could either post it yourself or discard it.

    I splurged on a $500 Pelikan for my birthday. When it finally arrived, I reverently took it out of the box…dipped its nose in a treasured bottle of ink…touched its delicate little nib to a sheet of lovely Rhodia paper…which promptly tore on the gentle upstroke.

    Wait! What? I took out a loupe and there was a significant burr on the end of the nib. Not wanting to even think about smoothing a $500 pen nib, I returned it for credit. Mildly unhappy that such an expensive pen was shipped with a burr, considering that the company states they check all their outgoing pens carefully. But they did take it back without question and issued me a store credit…which I used to buy two less-expensive pens.

    On the other hand, I bought a Waterman wet noodle from a not-to-be-named vendor and it arrived with a cap broken into five pieces. The vendor wouldn’t honor it. My husband glued to together and it’s pretty much my favorite little pen, but I won’t be shopping with this vendor again.

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  2. Excellent post!


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