Do You Favor Any Of These Inks?


Introduced mostly through mutual friends, these are the inks that have captured my fancy this year:

  • Akkerman #18 Garuda Road
  • Akkerman #24 Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen
  • Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen
  • Akkerman #26 Groenmarkt Smaragd
  • De Atramentis Cola Ink
  • Diamine Marine
  • Diamine Merlot
  • Diamine Tyrian Purple
  • Diamine Wild Strawberry
  • J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier
  • Noodler’s Park Red
  • Platinum Mixable Ink Aqua Blue
  • Platinum Mixable Ink Silky Purple
  • Platinum Pigment Rose
  • Sailor Miruai
  • Sailor Souten
  • Stipula Calamo Saffron
  • Super 5 Dublin

Two old favorites reemerged as good mates for a variety of pens.

  • Noodler’s Purple Martin
  • Stipula Calamo Verde Muschiato

Are any of these inks in your rotation? Which inks in your collection have emerged as special this year?

A big thank you to the folks who contributed to my wealth of new inks:


  1. Diamine Marine has excellent shading. Akkerman Garuda is really a beautiful terra cotta with shading. I have the Akkerman Groenmarkt but I think I like Iro Shin-ryoku better. generally I like Akkerman inks.


  2. Nice list! This is an interesting list, because there are several noted that I really enjoy, and yet so many others that are unknown territory for me. DeAtramentis Cola has been on my list for too long, and I may need to remedy that sometime soon. Thank you very much for the mention. I’m honored!


    • With what Beth, Carol and you sent, I will be trying out new inks for months to come. Swatches have been made, but few have yet to fill a fountain pen. That’s a much slower process meant to be savored – not gulped. 😉


  3. I really like the color of De Atramentis Cola, but it seems to feather a lot of cheaper paper.


    • I just tried Cola on 20# copy paper without feathering though the outlines are slightly jagged under magnification. Slightly worse performance on junk paper. That’s from a very wet, 1.1 italic nib so not the best test. Other than the backs of envelopes, I use good quality paper so hadn’t noticed an issue. Thanks for pointing it out.


  4. Have you tried Diamine Blue Plum? Gorgeous! The only ones I have tried of yours is Souten, which I also like very much.


    • No, Denise, I haven’t tried it, but it does sound yummy. 🙂


  5. Stipula Verde Muschiato has been unused in my ink shelf for about four years! Just today I took it out to test it with a newly acquired vintage Parker Duofold Jr. with a flex nib. Besides that one, I haven’t used any in your list, although I see we share the taste in color ranges.
    There are two inks that have emerged recently as daily users: Rohrer & Klingner Salix, and Noodler’s King Philip Requiem (just got it last Sunday at the Commonwealth Pen Show, Nathan made it specially for the show). Salix is a rather flat blue-black but is iron gall and quite dry, which makes it good for my pocket Moleskines with awful paper, and hand-sweat resistant. It’s quite cheap too. Noodler’s is a bright pinkish violet, easy to read ink, and came with a free ed pen and glass dropper.


    • Leonardo, what do you think of Muschiato? Does it flow well in the Duofold?

      From time to time Salix gets a call to duty. That’s a good point about using it on Moleskine paper, a brand of which I have far too much. I might give it a whirl next time my rotation needs refreshing.


      • It’s a great ink. The color is richer and darker with the Duofold than from other pens; it flows great but takes quite a bit to dry.


        • “Richer and darker” means the pen is laying down more ink which makes it my kind of pen. It can make ink dry slowly, but that’s the price we pay for the color. I hope that doesn’t deter you from using it. It can be a shading ink in some pens if that appeals to you.


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