Midori And The Book Of Lists


In yet another attempt to get more organized, an unused Midori Traveler’s Notebook got pressed into service this week. The paper is good with fountain pen ink so any writing instrument on my desk will work well except some of the Sharpie markers. (Do they work well on any paper?)

I named this journal Book of Lists since each entry is intended to be very brief and serve merely as a reminder of those things that require attention or future development. There are larger notebooks or Evernote for more detailed explorations. Limiting entries to a line or two will keep this book relevant and in play for a long time.

After I settled on the categories, I attached tabs to find each easily. Those got placed at the top to be out of the way when writing and so they would stay put when taking off the clip that keeps it all together. For now that’s an Oli clip, but it doesn’t stay in place. On the plus side, it comes off easily when there is something to add to a list.

Yeah, that’s a lot of junk on the cover, but I wanted it to stand out on my desk. The washi tape and post-its can be removed or realigned and the list of categories includes room for growth. The notes section at the bottom is for brief reminders of items to be added to the main lists. Should the cover become damaged or tattered, a new one can be fashioned from a variety of materials and glued to the existing one or added as a removable sleeve.

My fabric covered Midori with its three inserts is great, but sometimes a single one is all that is needed. It is slim enough to fit most anywhere and adds no weight to a tote or handbag. It will get battered by duty, but it can easily be replaced. For now, it’s a good solution to tracking of all those bits and pieces of life that require more free memory than I can allocate.

A number of companies make similar cahier notebooks including Rhodia, Moleskine, and Field Notes. The Midori TN is tall and narrow which suits lists especially well, but the others would be fine as well.


  1. There is a book entitled something like ”The Book of Lists”, and another called something like ”Lists of Famous People”. I own both books but we moved a few weeks ago and they are still packed away in boxes. I never realized I had so many books. Emptying those boxes has been on top of my list, but I’m a procrastinator as well as a bibliophile.


    • “Listers gotta list” as the saying goes. Procrastination can be good. Often I find it allows unexpected things to happen that add to getting the job done. Or sometimes it means there is something to look forward to. Enjoy going through your books.


  2. I list, but my lists are all over the place. I like your idea, but what happens when I can’t find the book? 🙂 My way, I’m only hunting for where I put one list. (I’m kidding, but not, you know?).

    Also, is that your adorable dog? What is his/her name?


    • “All over the place” is exactly why the Midori became a necessity. I swear my lists on envelopes and post-its wear running shoes or sport invisibility cloaks. I have spent more time looking for them than writing them. True for you?

      Macy is a Havanese from a local shelter via a small dog rescue group. She moved in five months ago but it only became evident after four months why she was abandoned. She has health issues that are challenging to manage and behavioral issues as well. On the plus side, she is very fluffy and quite the little weirdo.


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