A Trio Of Pen Links


Lost my saved links for the week along with my trust in Firefox. “Not responding” has become a drag on using the web so switching to Chrome has become inevitable.

Only three links to share, but they are good ones.

Conklin Duragraph Stub in Stealth Mode



  1. Interesting! I am not the only one losing his trust in Firefox, slow and unresponsive. Somehow I resist the mermaid calls of Chrome and now I use both, but the activity is shifting to the later. In connection with Blogger, Firefox is just unbearable.

    Thanks for the links.



    • Hey Bruno! We aren’t the only ones. Firefox has been losing market share over the last couple of years. As an early adopter, I am exceedingly disappointed in the increasing performance issues. Not holding out hope for the newest MS attempt, but we might get lucky…or not. 😉


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