Stipula Verde Muschiato Is On My List


Sometimes a favorite ink gets overlooked for the sexy new bottle on the shelf. With hundreds of inks on hand, it happens all too often here. Fifteen are inked at the moment and many are getting far too little use. Not good for the pens when evaporation uses more ink than putting pen to paper.

Recently while scouring my collection for the best of the old-timers, Stipula Calamo Verde Muschiato earned a slot in my rotation and wound up in two pens. That’s something that never happens, but in this case, it was a valuable reminder of how well Verde Muschiato performs and that it belongs on my list of top twenty inks.

Actually it fell into disuse when its best mate, a Pilot Elite Manifold Pocket Pen, got sold and its second best mate, a True Writer Masuyama Stub, broke. Both were wet writers so it was a surprise to see the even better performance and shading with a dry cursive italic nib, also a  Mink (brown) True Writer modified by Mike Masuyama. This TW has made a lot of friends in the brown family of inks, but Verde Muschiato is the best of the lot though it is more green than brown. No matter. Not every ink and pen need be matchy-matchy. It counts more that the writing looks good which is certainly the case here.




  1. I LOVE this color!


    • Do you have it? Not that there is a rule about consistency, but it does tend to look slightly different depending on the line width, sometimes more green while other times more brown. Concentration may make the most difference. The more flow, the darker and more brown the writing. Anyone else experience that?


      • Not yet – but it is on my wish list – just hope it does not stop production before I get some.


        • Just last night I was thinking about Verde Muschiato and wondering how long such a good ink would continue to be produced. Stipula doesn’t seem to be trendy, but more reliable and consistent. Hopefully, that means the company won’t revamp its ink line any time soon or maybe ever. 🙂


  2. Ohhhhhhh! Always wondered about this one 😍❤️


  3. That is a beautiful color. More green for sure on my monitor. I’m going to have to find that somewhere.


  4. On my screen it looks a bit like Rohrer and Klingner Alt Goldgrun (which is on sale, by the way, at Goulet Pens).


    • Alt Goldgrun is more pale and more green. I’ve seen it feather on some paper though a lot of people like it very well. In fact now that I think about it, Morinda can feather as well. Both are good reasons to use paper that is suitable for fountain pens. Why be limited in the inks we use?


      • On my monitor, it looks to be somewhere between Herbin Vert Empire & Alt Goldgrun – what a lovely colour!


        • Oh, my. It’s darker than either and can look brown at times. Accurate color is so hard to produce. 😦


          • It’s definitely on my “To Try” list – I like browns as much as I like greens, so this sounds right up my street 🙂


  5. Nice review. My bottle is a few years old now, and definitely leans to brown. I really like to sketch with this ink.


  6. This one reminds me of Sailor Epinard without the silver sheen. Beautiful ink. Stipula is a good brand. I have their sepia and simply love it.


    • Wendy, I looked at swatches of both and Verde Muschiato looks a lot more brown than Epinard. Lighting affects the color considerably. I like them both. 🙂


      • On my monitor, it appears very green. However, I’ll take your word for it. All inks look a little different on the page as apposed to the computer screen. I’m tempted by this ink. I love Stipula Black and Sepia. 🙂


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