Platinum #3776 Music Nib With Colorful Inks


The Platinum music nib remains my favorite pen after more than two years of use. This sample of ten colorful inks shows how well the nib works with whatever I toss in it even on cheap paper.



  1. Reblogged this on R— and commented:
    Perhaps it’s time for me to join the music nib club…


  2. This would be nice to share on FPGeeks. Will you do so? Is it okay for me to publish the link?


    • Absolutely fine to publish the link, Denise. How did you want me to share it?


      • I shared the link here: http://fpgeeks.com/forum/showthread.php/12419-Inkophile-s-Music-Nib?p=135622#post135622


        • Thank you. With all of the restrictions at some boards, I rarely think of posting images except on Inkophile and social media.

          I love my music nib, a gift from Dick Egolf when he was still active at Luxury Brands. It has never disappointed me and works beautifully with every ink. If only all pens were so reliable. 😉


          • It really shows off the ink! Are they practical for daily writing? I have a sort of small writing hand, and the only “big” nib I have is the Pelikan Italic, which is almost too big for practical use (though I love it).


            • My handwriting is large so the music nib is suitable for any use so long as the paper can tolerate the ink flow. Italics have sharper corners and can dig into the paper. Slowing down to prevent that can make them a challenge for daily writing. The Plat music nib is more rounded and that makes it work well for me. It doesn’t have the definition of a stub, but produces enough line variation to be interesting.

              I noticed your remark on shading and it’s true that this nib is particularly good at it. I tend to get better shading than some people due to the way I use a pen. Of course the pen, ink and paper have to cooperate. However, large lettering and writing more rapidly at the top of a letter and slower at the bottom, intensifies the color below the midpoint. It’s a rhythm similar to writing with a flexible nib. Strongly saturated inks are less inclined to play along, so don’t get discouraged if you try it. It is often surprising which inks shade with a little encouragement.


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