Fountain Pens To Excess


Is there a ten-step program for people who ink too many pens at one time? My current rotation is ridiculously out of control. Or maybe not…

Top row:

  • Mink Levenger True Writer
  • Amber Conklin Duragraph
  • Clementine Retro 51
  • Raspberry Lamy AL-Star
  • Green Lamy AL-Star
  • Green Levenger True Writer
  • Cracked Ice Conklin Duragraph
  • Noodler’s Creaper Demo
  • Platinum Century Nice Pur
  • Platinum Century Nice

Bottom row:

  • Platinum Century Chartres Blue
  • Platinum #3776 music nib
  • Namiki Falcon SF
  • Sailor Sapporo
  • Pelikan M-215 Rings


  1. Oh, that is EVIL! I just spotted a couple of inks I “need” to get. 😋


    • Bwahahahaha!


  2. Yes you just don’t replace a pen which you remove it from rotation – sooner or later you will have less pens inked. I am holding at three pens inked up. I can’t bring myself to go lower.


    • That’s showing great restraint, David. Which pens and inks?


  3. I’m with you in that I have at least as many inked up. I have been trying to use the ink and then put them away, but then a new sample comes in, and I need an empty pen…I do have a glass pen, but that’s just not the same.


    • My glass pen gets little use, too. There’s nothing quite like a fountain pen. A dip pen with a feed is the closest and works fine for making a color sample. Well loaded, it will write up to a page though a half page is more likely. The flow isn’t as even as a fountain pen, but it is convenient. Cleans in a snap so you can load a new color immediately. Very convenient for a color lover.


  4. I’m not much better than you! I usually have 13 inked at any given time. If there is a 10-step program, I should probably sign myself up too. 😛


    • It really isn’t the pens that make me do it. It’s the inks and all that color!


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