Links To Calligraphy, Pens And A Shocking Dog


The Internet did not fail to amuse and inspire this week…


  1. The Hemingwrite looks like a bulkier, clunkier version of the Alphasmart Neo: http://www.amazon.com/Alphasmart-NEO-AA-0410-10971-AQ-Neo-Handheld/dp/B007BHWRII

    But the e-ink screen is nice!


    • The screen would sway me for sure. The Hemingwrite’s handle would be another advantage. Either one makes word processors of thirty years ago look ginormous. Yes, I remember them well.


      • I wonder how heavy it is, with the “rugged aluminum” body?


  2. Broken link (de-google your life): is it a conspiracy, or is it only a red herring to distract us from the real conspiracy ? I’m guessing it was intended to point to duckduckgo.com or something similar.


    • I just loaded the De-Google article with this link. Hope it works for you.


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