Links From Pyramids To Midori To My New Puppy


An eclectic bunch of links with a puppy tag…

Little “No Name” kept me company over an extra long week. Hope the coming week is shorter and that she gets a real name. Either way she is sweet, vocal, cuddly and eager to learn more tricks like today’s surprise, jumping into my lap and climbing up to my shoulder without assistance. She’s a Havanese and only a year old as the puppy coat will attest. I am lucky to have found her after three years scouring the listings of rescue groups and attending adoption events. Expect to see more of her in future even if she isn’t into fountain pens which is probably a good thing. One addict in the family is quite enough.


  1. Aww. Adorable! 🐾


  2. She’s adorable!!

    – Tina


  3. What a sweetheart! Congrats!


  4. She’s so cute! I am sure she won’t mind your fountain pen addiction at all. They are so forgiving of us that way (unless it interferes with play time).


  5. She is adorable!! What a lovely little face! So glad that you’ve found her. If you are still looking for a name, I’m throwing “Lucky” into the ring. 😉


    • She is lucky and so are we. Getting four creative adults to agree on a name has been quite the challenge. She gets called something different every day which must be very confusing. Hopefully, she won’t think we are crazy though it might be all too accurate. 😀


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