A Glimpse At Midori Paper And Fountain Pen Ink


Japanese paper and fountain pen ink can be the best of mates as proven by these initial photos of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook from Jet Pens. Is love too strong a word?

More to come this month on grid notebooks and how useful they can be for keeping a journal whether you are well-organized or live a fractured lifestyle as I do.



  1. oooooh! will have to check these out.


  2. A very interesting future post.


    • The grid format compilation and the cahier comparison posts are taking far more time than I ever expected. Exaclair and Jet Pens were very generous in donating samples. So much so that I’ve had to set up a temporary table in my living room to accommodate the variety of notebooks. Yikes! What did I get myself into?

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      • We appreciate all the work you do – thank you!

        (I’m too lazy to blog about the stationery I love, despite being into it for a long time!).


        • Glad to be of help. There is so much paper that could be reviewed. There is always something new on the market though not always suitable for fountain pen ink. My felt tips and pencils get plenty of use on the paper that doesn’t make the grade. What do you do with the substandard stuff?

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          • I’m afraid I use it all. I repent at leisure as they say. I’ll use it for scribbling whilst doing something else – hence only purchasing tiny amounts.

            I’m not convinced about the practicality of using non blue/black inks. They look nice, but I can’t shake off the “green ink brigade” being a journalist shorthand for crazy letter writers!


            • Green ink, indeed. I used nothing but black ink for years and continue to do so for formal correspondence. The colors go in my journal or in letters to fellow ink and pen lovers who appreciate the diversity. Colorful ink makes me happy and that’s the deciding factor. Go for whatever works for you. You can’t go wrong that way. 🙂

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              • I think my problem is that I don’t know any other ink or stationery obsessives!


                • Well, that’s not difficult to remedy. Try Fountain Pen Network for a pen pal or two. That’s how I got started. 🙂

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