St. Patrick’s Day And The Color Green


Inks and pens pay homage to the color of the month. The shamrock provided inspiration for the range of greens in the swatches, but as usual, J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage and Diamine Emerald fill my pens. The former is a clear green while the latter is muted and very easy on the eyes. Lierre Sauvage is in an Esterbrook Deluxe with a 9128 flex nib and Emerald is in the Parker ’51’ for some very smooth writing on Clairefontaine paper.

Serenaded by the chipper songs of finches and sparrows and the excitement of rambunctious March winds, this should be a very inspired month.



  1. Hi. I am a long time pen nut. Just noticed your blog and decided you appear to be as insane as me when it comes to pen and ink. Just wanted to comment that although I am not a great fan of green, I do have and enjoy using the Pelikan Edelstein Jade ink in my monster Pelikan M1000 Stripped fountain pen. Happy belated St. Pats Day!


    • Welcome to the gang! I think my blog has just under 900 posts so you might find something else of interest should you decide to venture further than yesterday’s post.

      Funny you should mention Pelikan ink. Last night I wrote in a Miquelrius journal that has paper than bleeds with a wide variety of inks. An exception was Pelikan Violet. It’s a dry-writing line of inks so testing a few others for the same performance benefit should prove worthwhile. More on that in future.

      That M1000 is one huge pen! My little M400 looks puny in comparison though it is a very nice writer. Do you have other Pels?


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