More Orange In Pen, Ink And Other Forms


One of these days I’ll get over my love of orange, but not today.

I’m not the only one either. Amazing orange ink swatches.



  1. Although this is short, I loved the drift off topic into cars and dogs. I have the same fondness for all things green!


    • Hard to find a green dog but here goes.


      • Even farther off topic. but in the old days of film photography Kodak used to test new development techniques on customer images sent to various photo shops around Rochester. One day they produced a print of a dog lying on a couch with one problem: the dog was green. Endless meetings of puzzled chemists and grouchy midlevel executives followed.

        It turned out Fido was green–it was late in March and his family had dyed him for St Patrick’s day.


        • That’s a funny one!


  2. Have you tried Noodler’s Dragon’s Napalm orange ink? That is my current favorite orange ink.


    • No, I haven’t tried it, Michele. Noodler’s offers so many colors, that I’ve given up keeping up. I have Apache Sunset and Cayenne and like them both. Someday Dragon’s Napalm will join the herd. It’s on my list. 🙂


  3. Great post, Margana! Your Neponset and Yu-Yake make a fine pair. I use orange inks sparingly, but Yu-Yake is one of my favorites. I find the shading to be exquisite. Recently, I’ve been enjoying Diamine Autumn Oak and Kobe Arima Amber.

    The dog photos are priceless. =)


    • That sample of Autumn Oak has yet to meet its mate, but the swatch makes it look intriguing. A wide nib will show its best characteristics. All are in use though one or two are due for cleaning. Perhaps one will make overtures to Autumn Oak. If not, there will be another in time.

      Glad you liked the dog photos. I am such a sucker for the little dears. Eventually I hope to bring one home. Rescue groups can have some outrageous requirements and invasive demands. You’d think a good home and nearly constant human companionship would be enough. But it isn’t. 😦


      • Perhaps I shall try Autumn Oak in my new Conklin Duragraph? =)

        I understand what you mean about dog rescue requirements. Keep looking. Be persistent. There are groups out there that are less demanding. There is a dog out there who is meant to be yours.


        • That Duragraph with Autumn Oak should be lovely together.

          Not only am I a very experienced dog owner, but I’ve been looking for several years. My requirements do limit the candidates to 12-25 pounds, 1-4 years old and those that are less likely to trigger allergies, like Maltese or Poodle mixes. Still you’d think an available dog could be found within 25 miles of where I live.

          The applications are daunting and often invasive. One even wanted a $5000 commitment for future vet bills! Fees run from $250 to $750 and some groups require new owners pay for and participate in obedience training with the trainer with whom the rescue group is affiliated. I’ve only found two so-called open adoption groups. They have lots of chihuahua mixes, cute, but they aren’t good for people with allergies. Same for the three shelters within my driving range. Unfortunately, the shelters aren’t very honest about health and other issues. Some of the rescue groups don’t know what they are doing. At an adoption event in a PetCo, I spotted a dog that was blind in one eye. The rescue people hadn’t a clue! So the game is rigged. I feel sorry for the dogs caught in the web.

          Funny thing is my doctor gave me three things to do to improve my health. #2 was to get a dog and #3 was to take it for walks. I don’t think a stuffed animal will do. If there is a real dog out there for me, it’s gone to a different home. Hope it is happy and well cared for.


          • I have inked up the Duragraph with Autumn Oak and they are fine pair, indeed.

            Sent you an email, too. =)


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