A Boatload of Paper


Late last week I received a box of paper products from a friend who shares my paper hoarding affliction. You know the symptoms. Buy tons of paper retail, on sale, discounted, whatever, but often in quantity with hopes one product will be so ideal for fountain pen ink that you experience a state of bliss whenever you see, touch or put a pen to it. Not sure if that is over the top or dead-on, but if it sounds familiar, you are in good company.

Here is the dilemma I faced over the weekend.

Where to begin with so many choices? I finally gave myself a nudge and removed one plastic wrapper. But that’s as far as I got. The journals just looked too perfect to abuse with scribbles and such.

However, reviews take hands-on experience. So after the wrappers are removed, pen and ink tests will follow for writing paper and watercolor tests for the art paper. Call it initiation. Those that pass, join the hoard. Those that don’t, land in the giveaway box. On occasion, a format doesn’t thrill me, so even good paper can get tossed. It’s a simple system even though my collection seems to expand no matter what I do.

But isn’t that a good thing?


  1. I’ve definitely been there! Looks like a nice batch. Have fun testing! 🙂


  2. I read a post over on The Vintage Gentleman reminding me that I am not a collector of notebooks. That helped me in the way I thought of them. I don’t want to just own them; I want to fill them. Maybe that would help?


    • Hmmm. I have less urge to fill them than I would like. I do better at “filling” Inkophile than I do notebooks. 😉


  3. And I thought I was the only one who liked to fondle and buy paper. I would rather go into Any kind of paper store than a dress shop than a clothing store.


    • Me too, Gloria, me too.


  4. Any more progress on the wrapper removing front? =)

    Can’t wait to see some of your tests on these papers.


    • Not yet. The Leuchtturm 1917 is going into use at the end of the day to start the month with something new. I purchased a ribbon band to keep the Paper for Fountain Pens book closed. There are a lot of new inks to test on the writing papers and catalog for future reference. For that I need bright daylight and that was scarce this past week. When I can clear my desk, the art books will get watercolor tests. That takes more space than is currently available, but at least there is a plan. Now if I could just make this a paying gig…

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  5. Oh my goodness. I’m drooling with envy. As it is I have a couple too many notebooks, but as an excuse, they are ones people gave me, not ones I would purchase.


    • Kate, this shipment really fell into the “abundance of riches” category. As slow as I am to put to use and review new items, the notebooks along with a dozen new Diamine inks will take months to get what they deserve. That doesn’t include all the stuff that was already here. My dance card is FULL for months to come. If only it were a paying gig…

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      • Well you have to look at the riches metaphorically, The jewels in the color of inks, and the richness of the papers…. But yes, your dance card is so full. 🙂 What nice imagery.


        • Thank you. No boredom around here.


          • No, I don’t imagine there is. (if it helps, I have two book reviews I have to do and they are taking forever) 😛


            • Book reviews are a lot more time consuming. Sympathies. 😉


  6. Hi, I just fell in love with Stillman and Birn Gamma notebook. Wondering if you have tried them? No, nobody pays me


    • Hi Martha! I have no experience with the Gamma sketchbooks, but am a fan of the Epsilon and Zeta. How do you use your Gamma?


      • Ink, light WC wash. I like the feel of the paper. It does not hold much water, so I usually paint on it while holding it vertically


        • I’ll have to try painting that way on it. Good idea!

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