Selecting A Journal For The New Year


After following Mia’s work in a Hobonichi this past year, is it any wonder this journal topped my list for 2015? The Tomoe River paper is delightful and the layout and covers are attractive and well-made. The largest version is in the right range for my wide nibs and would still leave enough room for doodles and ink swatches. Unfortunately, the Hobonichi is not in my budget.

There are stores that sell Tomoe River paper in journals, but not in the grid format with which I want to experiment this next year. Paper For Fountain Pens, Nanami Seven Seas and Jet Pens have lined and blank paper if that might work for you. Jet Pens sent some blank sheets that I might put together for an ink journal once my Clairefontaine is full.

Uncertain what to use for a daily journal, I put aside the decision for another day and decided to look for a Noodler’s ink to write holiday notes. It was rather dark in my office so I used a flashlight to see the back of the bottom shelf and look what I found.

Two Miquelrius grid notebooks! They lack the cachet of Tomoe River, but they have a ton of pages and are very fountain pen friendly. These journals are too heavy to carry around so that is one drawback. Otherwise, they will do. And the budget nanny is pleased indeed.


  1. Sounds like you found lost treasure. Love it!
    Happy Journaling & Happy New Year 🙂


  2. Woot!!! Congrats on being able to shop right in the comfort of your own home. lol. It’s sad, but I have a pretty big notebook stash myself. Every once in a while, I go through it and I realize that I have stuff I’ve totally forgotten about. I should try to PIF some of these away, or something.


    • You are so right. It’s much easier than any other way to shop and I am not a shopper unless pressed to do so.

      In my home office, there is a box of unused journals that is available for guests or anyone in the household to take at any time. Many have an ink test page so folks do have to put up with that. Otherwise, they are pristine. Admittedly, I keep too many, but that’s just a hazard of being a collector. 🙂


  3. This would definitely satisfy someone who didn’t want to change up their journal often… I wish I could find one journal that I could finish in a year, but I usually go longer… and the colorful, soft cover composition books I use are still nice…. Just a little too large.

    Well, enjoy the journal, though I would think hefting it around for a long time might be a deterrent. But I like journal change. 🙂


  4. […] Selecting A Journal For The New Year After following Mia’s work in a Hobonichi this past year, is it any wonder this journal topped my list for 2015? The Tomoe River paper is delightful and the… […]


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