Instagram And The Inkophile


Are you on Instagram? Thanks to Leigh’s generous gift of an Android phone (!), I can now play in that humongous pond. Still getting the hang of using the phone’s camera, but that will improve with practice. Unfortunately, Inkophile is taken as is Margana. So I can use my full name or something expressive of my interests. Got any suggestions?



  1. The Inkophile seems to be available … 😉


    • That’s a good one, Raffaello. Thanks!


  2. Someone took Inkophile?! Either way, looking forward to seeing you on IG 🙂


    • I’ve used Inkophile for seven years. Feels totally weird to use anything else. It’s a like getting married and taking spouse’s name. After a while you get used to the change even if it isn’t really you. 😉


  3. I love and am owned by cats, and also love to sew and crochet. So I went with CatinStitches. This plays on several things…parodying the sewing term “satin stitches”, as well as suggesting laughing cats. So it all worked for me. 😉 You can add certain characters to approximate a name you’d like that’s already taken, like inko_phile or adding numbers. If you especially like Sailor pens for example, could do inkophile1911 (though I realize this may be a conflict of interest LOL). 😉 Inksnscribbles or scribblez might be another option. I’ve found it best sometimes to sleep on this stuff…brain storm and write down whatever nonsense comes to mind; just keep writing. Maybe every 8-12 hours, glance at the list and cross off what doesn’t appeal in the light of day, or look right. All too often, things sound cool but look goofy or unclear spelled out. Have fun! P.S. My favorite ID I’ve seen to date is “fluffycatofdoom.”


    • Fluffycatofdoom is brilliant! CatinStitches isn’t bad either. 🙂


  4. There’s always “Ink-o-Phile” or “Inkofile” ( which isn’t as gracious, I think). Also, maybe “I Am Inkophile” would work. Keep playing around, you might come up something really cool.😃


  5. Crazy idea but could you message the person with Inkophile and see if they are actually using it? Maybe they would be willing to change their username?


    • Maybe not crazy. She’s used the name for about six months though I see no relationship between her posts and the name. Last photo was posted two weeks ago, so it isn’t a dormant account.


      • I went snooping after I read your posts. So frustrating. What have you decide to do?


        • Undecided. That’s what I get for picking such a common name. 🙂


  6. Inkophile is taken, and Margana is taken; what are the odds that a combination of the two is taken? e.g. Inkophile Margana? Two words that we already associate with you!


    • That’s one combination I was considering last night, but I wondered if most readers know me as Margana or would they find it confusing.


  7. I like the idea of The Inkophile but I do sympathise with you.


  8. I like The Inkophile, too.

    Looking forward to seeing you on IG!


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