A Dog, Scarves, Ink And A Journal


Spent more time writing and less time surfing, but I did find a few items worth sharing…



  1. The Firefly link brings up a tweet of a picture of a woman and her older brother. Sorry, but can’t seem to make the connection between that and Firefly ink or fountain pens.


    • No idea to which link you are referring.


  2. That Kobe ink is phenomenal. Totally love the Sepia and Tamon purple. Just bought another shade of green. Awesome!


    • Has the eBay seller cool-japan been your supplier in the past? If so, do you recommend him?


      • Cool-Japan is a class act seller. The ink comes beautifully padded whether mailer or box & arrives as fast as Customs will clear it. I’m on my 3rd order.


        • Good to know. I didn’t see a sepia in the color chart. Does it have another name?


          • Listed as: No.3 Kyuu-Kyoryuuchi Sepia: NAGASAWA Kobe Ink for Fountain Pen Bottle 50ml Japan


            • Listed on the chart as Old Foreigner Ward Sepia. 😀


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