Sailor Nioi-sumire Update


Yesterday was pen cleaning day. Of the dozen tackled, only two required overnight soaking and one still isn’t clean. The stubborn ink? Sailor Nioi-sumire.

The color and performance are good so my review still stands. However, it is a bear to clean. Just ask my Lamy Safari and Sheaffer Taranis. This isn’t a reason to forgo the ink, but it is a warning to plan ahead when choosing a pen for it. Make it one that is easy to clean and expect to soak the nib since it will probably be necessary.

And this is important. Do not let this ink dry out in your pen unless you have oodles of time to rinse it out. Keep the ink flowing and cleaning should be much easier.



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  2. Ack! Thanks for the warning!


  3. Hi Inkophile. I have found that several inks in the new Sailor lineup can be somewhat stubborn because they are very saturated, but since some of these are favorites I continue to use them regularly. I try to make sure that I don’t leave the ink in the pen any longer than one week, and using a little JB Pen Flush helps things along too. Thanks for the post.


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  5. Thanks for the warning. I still love the color, so I may try it and the Yama-dori.


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