Naming Names And Giving Credit Where Due


There are a lot of fine people in the pen community. That we know. Then there are those manufacturers, distributors and retailers who contribute to keeping blogs alive by offering their products for review and sometimes sending gifts just because they are nice people. For the record, I would like to acknowledge those who have sent items in the past few months.

If you are in need of supplies, please consider rewarding my enablers with a purchase or two. Thanks, fellow inkophiles, pen aficionados, and paper hoarders. At least it’s a clean addiction, but if you need an intervention, don’t call me. I’m having way too much fun indulging in it!



  1. Do not forget Brian&Rachel and their staff at Goulet Pens!


    • Unfortunately, they have never followed through and sent anything for review so they do not belong on my list of providers/enablers. That’s who this post was intended to cover and only those who have sent items in recent months.


  2. Karen & Sunny are enablers of the highest order! They dangle new products you never realized existed, yet somehow now cannot manage without.


    • That’s a good description of them and how they manipulate us – not that I’m complaining mind you. 😀


  3. Thanks for the mention Margana! 🙂 Always lovely communicating with you.


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