Noodler’s Australian Roses Samples


Interested in more images of the new version of Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses? Online swatches are iffy prospects at best, so take these as approximations – not absolute color representations. The dot is more accurate than the written page, but that’s only on my monitor.




  1. No matter which sample is accurate, it’s very pretty.


  2. You have great handwriting! Love seeing your ink sample pages.


    • Oh, my. Thank you!


  3. Double fail: 1) Calling this very different shade by the same name as a previously well-loved and recognized ink, and 2) the color itself. Bleh. (I realize the second point is entirely subjective lol! But the first is not. 😉


    • Had it come out with a different name, no one would have objected. Nathan usually very good about such things. This is the rare exception.


      • Well we’re all entitled to a little goof-up now and again. ;-p


        • Goofs happen. In this case, it was a missed opportunity that could have worked to the advantage of Noodler’s with the release of a new entry in the Black Swan series. I’m not bashing Nathan. He’s my favorite ink maker. 🙂


      • From what I heard, the color changed because one of the raw components of the ink’s ingredients was either replaced/changed by Nathan’s supplier. Apparently Nathan wasn’t too happy with this surprise either.

        …I actually think the new BSIAR looks prettier than the old one! That one always tended more towards brown for me, and took forever to dry so I was always smearing the ink everywhere.

        How’s dry time with this version? 🙂


        • See my initial post on the subject.

          Drying time might be slightly shorter. I haven’t experienced any smearing on Clairefontaine.


  4. You know, to me it looks similar to the old formula but I’m sure it’s the monitor that screws up the colors. I’m actually working on a review of the old formula, probably gonna post it next week. Old formula looks amazing but new one isn’t bad either. Personally I prefer the burgundy more than the purple.


    • I like the burgundy better, but it is less common than purple.

      Do post a link in the comments to your review when it goes live. Thanks.


  5. Inkophile, thanks for the additional images. Wondering if you might not mind comparing the new version to some other well-known purples?


    • Maybe when my backlog of reviews is handled, I will put together a comparison. My inventory of purple ink is weak compared to other colors, so it might be rather limited.


      • No worries, then. I don’t have many purples either, and this was one of the few that I have so I have been curious as to how the new ink measures up against what is currently available. I think that I am not going to worry about alternatives for a while. I have plenty left in my original bottle and I have plenty to enjoy for some time now.


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