J. Herbin In A 10 ml Bottle


J. Herbin ink is a longtime favorite and the first brand I explored when blue and black became old. Poussière de Lune and Lie de Thé hooked me and I’ve never looked back. Much to my delight, JH have released 10ml bottles that make it inexpensive and easy to sample more of their colors. Jet Pens is offering the cute little dears at $4.75 a pop. With free shipping for orders over $25, you can steal a half dozen for a mere $28.50. For six bottles of color, I’m on board. Are you?



  1. Depends on whether I can get my nibs & pens in to actually fill. Please tell me these are better access than the nasty narrow necks on the regular bottles?


  2. Beth has a good point. I’ve run across that same problem. However, I get so desperate that I end up using a syringe to fill the converters. Messy, but it gets the job done.


  3. Pretty cool. The price isn’t too bad either.


    • At 10 ml, it’s enough ink to get properly acquainted, too.


  4. Beth took the words right off my keyboard — everything depends on the bottle


    • That’s a point some ink makers should pay more attention to while paying less attention to making bottles pretty.


  5. GRABBY HANDS. I’m reluctant to buy large bottles of any ink because I like to experiment too much — but these are just the right size!


    • Agreed Olivia, but when I love a color, I want to horde gigantic bottles knowing inks get retired without warning. I’m definitely a “just in case” kind of collector. 😀


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