Orange Delights From Ink To Paint


Orange is a happy color and a good way to greet the week. While testing (playing) with some orange watercolors, the mail arrived with some orange delights from Karen at Exaclair including an orange Rhodia Webnotebook and a bottle of J. Herbin Orange Indien. Thus orange delights for a happy start to the work week. Lucky me!


  1. Oooh, is that the new landscape-oriented Webbie? How do you like it??


    • Yep, that’s the one. Blank paper, lots of space to draw and write, plus it’s Rhodia. What’s not to like? 🙂


  2. I’ve never tried a Rhodia. How’s the paper weight? I just picked up 6 Artist Series Moleskines at TJ Maxx, so I don’t really need anymore note/sketchbooks, but if the Rhodia’s worth trying …


    • Cheryl, you probably got a steal at TJ Maxx. Rhodia is 8og and good for writing, but not heavy enough for water media. Do you want a couple of sheets to test? Contact me via email if you do.


  3. Here’s a couple more you could add to your list:
    – The Franklin-Cristoph Model 27 Collegia, in the Tennessee Orange color. (My wife, who like me is a University of Tennessee alum, gave me the FP for our anniversary.) http://goo.gl/l1rBG5
    – Diamine Orange is a lovely true orange ink that goes well with the Model 27 http://goo.gl/T8gepX


    • The Collegia looks good especially if it does not have a metal section. Is Diamine Orange slow to dry?


      • Re: metal section – The cap I have is chrome and very heavy. I think they now have versions without the chrome cap, but the two pens I have are chrome. You would not want to write with the cap posted. As for the body, this is a hard call because I couldn’t find info on construction except for one video review which said it was plastic. It feels substantial. If it is plastic, it is heavy grade. If it is metal, it is a heavily coated light metal. I assume it’s plastic. It has enough weight to write with unposted. Here is a review: http://goo.gl/6lkUCY

        As I said, I have two. My wife gave me the Tennessee Orange for our anniversary. My graduating seniors gave me the Carolina Blue (now discontinued) at the end of the year. I am an alum of both schools.

        Re: Diamine Orange. It is a very well-behaved ink. I haven’t tested dry times and I don’t have the ink available right now. According to a a review on FPN, it dries in less than 5 seconds. Here’s the review: http://goo.gl/qEJ8Ql

        The one thing I can say is, it’s true orange. It’s not reddish or yellowish, not sunset or pumpkin. It’s orange.


        • Thanks for the links. I’m not a fan of heavy pens so the pen might not work for me. However, Diamine Orange sounds just about right.

          Tennessee vs Carolina = conflicted. No?


          • No, they rarely play each other because they’re not in the same conference.


            • Then you have double the games to enjoy.


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