Frustrating Noodler’s Ink News


Are you a fan of Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses (a/k/a BSAR)? Well, savor what you’ve got because it ain’t no more. The most recent batch has experienced a significant color shift due to a change in the dye. The original dye is no longer available so this is it, folks. The end of the line.

The new formula is deep violet, plain and simple. This isn’t Nathan’s doing, but I do think he should have retired Australian Roses and introduced the new ink under its own name. Black Swan in Violette Roses would have expressed the new color very well.




  1. pen boutique web page lists BSAR “ORIGINAL” i AM ASSUMING IT IS THE OLD FORMULA?


    • Thanks for the tip, Don.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Margana. I am a fan of the now, retired formula. I am really disappointed to hear this news, and also agree that the old nomenclature should have been retired since the original color can no longer be replicated. The new formula is distinctly violet with not even a hint towards the old formulation. It’s a different ink; plain and simple.


    • Welcome. Hope you have a very full bottle to keep you going.


      • I checked my bottle today. It is still quite full! Thank goodness for those generously sized Noodler’s ink bottles.


        • That’s great. Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂


          • I just emailed the company, and they say they have the new stock, it’s an error and they’ll be changing it.

            Such a bummer, I was hoping they had the original formula!


  3. After reading this, I ran to see how much BSAR I had left. I also think, the new one might be worth trying. Thanks for the tip.


    • Hope you have a stockpile. There really isn’t a comparable color that also shades well. Penman Ruby was close, but that one is long gone. The new BSAR just isn’t as unique though it may turn out to have lovely properties.


  4. Disappointing. I am currently in the process of testing an old sample of BSAR and it’s a beautiful ink. If the new formulation is the way I’ve been hearing, it’s a big shame. Not that it won’t be a pretty ink, but because it doesn’t reflect the spirit of the original ink anymore. Nathan should have discontinued the original and released the new one under a different name.


    • Agree on the name change. There doesn’t seem to be any left on the shelves, so enjoy what you have.


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  7. *gasp*. I love the original. You’re absolutely right-violette roses makes more sense for the new formula, which I wouldn’t buy. I like my browny reds. Oh well, glad I have a good sized bottle and other colors to ease the pain!


    • The original version is more to my liking, too. However, English Roses is working for me very well especially in a clear demo pen. Have you tried it?


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